The Climate-Ocean Connection

The resources in this toolkit will allow communicators to effectively communicate the ocean-climate connection using strategically framed visuals and narratives. Watch the video to see it in action!

Online Practice Module

Practice using the narratives with the visuals through this interactive module. The module uses the same visuals and scripts that you can find in the PDF along with notes and rationale for the framing strategies and image choices.

Launch the Practice Module

Downloadable Resources

Download the Ocean-Climate Connection Narratives and Scripts:

Includes teaching goals, communications challenges, frames to advance, frames to avoid, what the Visualizing Change team saw in testing, additional considerations, annotated script, plain script, and shortened script.

Download the flat-screen narrative powerpoint slides:

This PowerPoint deck contains the videos and images used in the ocean-climate connection narrative for traditional flat-screen presentations.

Download the full high-resolution visualizations and images:

These strategically framed visuals are suitable to be used on an interactive sphere (such as Science On a Sphere®, Magic Planet®, or HyperGlobe), flat screen, or handheld tablet.

Download the classroom activites:

These classroom activites provide fun and engaging ways to teach the science of the climate-ocean connection to youth.

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