Visualizing Change
Frequently Asked Questions
Visualizing Change
  1. Q.

    Are there going to be updates to these materials over time?

    Yes! Any future updates to the materials will be available on this website.

  2. Q.

    Is there anyone who could look over my curriculum/program once I’ve included the framing elements to provide feedback?

    There may be fellow educators in your area who have been trained in the strategic framing approach through the National Network of Ocean and Climate Change Interpreters (NNOCCI) who would be willing to help you out. Please visit to learn more.

  3. Q.

    I’m having trouble using these materials on my computer/tablet/projector.

    Please contact your IT support at your home institution for help. These materials were designed to be compatible with many different platforms and digital displays. We also encourage your IT support personnel to talk directly with the manufacturer of the spherical display (Magic Planet, iGlobe, etc), tablet, or computer to troubleshoot issues.

  4. Q.

    I'm having trouble downloading the materials from the website.

    Update your web browser to the newest version. We recommend using Google Chrome.

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