Visualizing Change
Visualizing Change

The Visualizing Change Toolkit includes information and materials for visual narratives on four climate-related topics. These topics were chosen based on a number of factors, including potential interest for visitors, the availability of sound science, appropriate images, and communications research to support effective conversations.

Each of these narratives integrates insights from Strategic Frame Analysis®, following these effective communications structures and practices:

  • Opens with a Value statement
  • Uses tested Explanatory Metaphors
  • Closes with Collective Solutions
  • Maintains a “wide-angle” view of the issue – pointing to society-level causes, consequences, and solutions
  • Maintains a reasonable, explanatory tone – avoiding crisis messaging or partisan cues

For each narrative, the toolkit includes:

  • Framing brief, which orients interpreters to the communications goals and techniques of the script
  • Annotated script, including visuals and notes that explain the logic behind the script
  • Plain script, which omits the annotations for ease of reading/memorization
  • Shortened script, which abbreviates the interpretation but maintains the essential points
  • Science Summaries, which point educators to additional resources for deeper learning on the topic

The toolkit also includes a set of resources related to Strategic Frame Analysis®, as well as a glossary of terms used throughout.

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