People look to educators as trusted experts. Careful framing can make it more likely that visitors will understand and internalize what we communicate. The resources in this section provides essential information on why framing is important and tools and techniques for training climate interpreters to be strategic framers.

Strategic Framing Overview

A brief outline on what strategic framing entails, why it is important, seven simple steps to framing, and examples of frame elements that facilitate understanding of climate science.

Strategic Framing Resources

Further your understanding about how strategically framing climate science is pivotal in climate communication and interpretation. These include research studies on tested frame elements that are empirically proven to improve public understanding.

Training Tools and Resources

These training tools are designed to help communicators stay “on frame.”

Strategies for Training Staff

This outline explains how to use the visual narratives found in this toolkit to facilitate the training process of climate interpretors with an emphasis on strategic framing, narrative practice, and institutional preparation.

“Know Your Swamp” Booklet

A central component of strategic framing is knowing what’s in the “swamp” of public thinking. Knowing the cultural models that influence public understanding will help interpretors pivot towards more productive communications techniques.

Framing Checklist

This checklist is intended to help informal science educators assesss how well a climate interpretation aligns with the communications research that informed the Visualizing Change narrative.

Values and Metaphors Handout

A quick handout that outlines the Values and Explanatory Metaphors that have been rigorously tested and empirically shown to improve the public's understanding of why and what needs to be done regarding climate science. 

From Me to We Worksheet

Pivoting from individual action to collective responsibility is critical for galvanizing public action. This worksheet outlines ways to educate the visiting public about the positive changes that are being made.

Visualizing Change Action Plan

Use this action plan to reflect on how you can integrate the concepts, lessons, and resources provided by the Visualizing Change Toolkit into your own work.

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